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Crochet Kitty

Meowsical Pawty Set

Meowsical Pawty Set

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This rock-star bundle includes:

Meowsical Record Cat Mat with Catnip & Crinkle😸

  • Your cat will love pushing play and spinning this fun toy, flipping it side to side for hours of entertainment.
  • Made from high-quality cotton twill fabric, this toy can easily withstand scratches and bunny kicks without tearing apart.
  • Stuffed with organic catnip, this toy will keep your cat engaged and entertained for a long time.
  • Adorned with unique-to-Crochet Kitty custom artwork of "Purrl Jam", this toy is printed on durable fabric and comes with a pink plush backside inspired by their first record album TEN.
  • With a size of 11 inches in diameter, this toy is perfect for cats of all sizes.

Phat Cat's Meowsical Guitar with Catnip and Crinkle🎸

  • Designed for your feline to strum away and enjoy kicking with their front paws and giant bunny kicks.
  • The guitar features a crinkle in the neck for added sensory stimulation, as well as ribbon streamers for teasing and playing.
  • Stuffed with 1/2 cup of catnip, this toy is sure to make your cat go wild and become the star of the stage.
  • Standing at 12 inches tall, this guitar toy is the perfect size for your cat to hold on and play all night long.

    Meowsical Frisbee CD with Catnip & Silvervine (produces an euphoric effect on cats)😻

    • Infused with a new mix of herbs, this toy will help your cat get extra excited for their musical adventure, just like a true rock n' roller.
    • This frisbee CD is perfect for interactive throwing and playing with each other, with a diameter of 5 inches that makes it just the right size for just that.

    Eaten Cassette Tape with Catnip & Ribbon Streamers🎶

    • Flashback to decades past with these nostalgic little “eaten” tape decks adorned with flashy embroidered designs honoring artist “Purrvana”.
    • Knotted satin ribbons hang from the bottom to tease kitty into play time, and the potent organic catnip stuffed inside is sure to be a big hit for your kitty.
    • Size: 4.25 inches wide and 2.75 inches tall (not including ribbons)


      Your feline friend deserves the best, and the Meowsical Pawty Set is the perfect way to treat them! With toys that cater to both the rockers and the relaxers, every music-loving cat will have endless entertainment. Plus, purchasing the bundle saves you money with a 10% discount, making it a purr-fect value for any cat owner. Don't wait - order now and watch your cat's face light up with joy as they play with their new meowsical toys!🙀


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      • Stress Reliever

        Help relieve stress and anxiety with our expertly crafted toys – fostering joy, releasing endorphins, and burning off excess energy in a single play session.

      • Mental Stimulation

        Stimulates your cat's natural curiosity and keeps destructive boredom at bay with our engaging toys.

      • Joyful Purr-fection

        Delight in our premium catnip-stuffed toys from Crochet Kitty—naturally grown to alleviate stress, boost playfulness, enhance mood and foster bonding, for an enriched and joyous feline experience.

      • Feline Play, Made Safe

        Experience peace of mind with our handcrafted, USA-made cat toys—double-stitched and crafted from durable, tooth-friendly fabrics, boasting embroidered faces for an extra touch of safety and longevity.

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