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In an ever-evolving market where consumer awareness and discernment are at an all-time high, the products you offer on your shelves must reflect your customers' needs and preferences. A recent survey reveals that 45% of Americans prioritize safety when choosing pet toys. This is where Crochet Kitty steps in to bridge the gap.

Our journey began with a shocking discovery: rocks inside a cat toy. This fueled our founder, Abbie Swisher, to create a line of cat toys that prioritizes safety without compromising on quality or fun. Every Crochet Kitty toy is meticulously designed, ensuring they're free from harmful materials and chemicals.

When you stock Crochet Kitty toys, you're offering more than just a product; you're offering a commitment to safety, a seal of quality, and a story that connects with consumers worldwide. It's a message to your customers that you listen and respond to their concerns. It's an endorsement of a brand that values safety and quality above all else.

By choosing Crochet Kitty, you're aligning with a brand that shares your customers' values, a brand with a proven track record, and a brand that's recognized worldwide. This isn't just good business; it's responsible business. And in today's world, that makes all the difference.

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