About Us!

Our journey to create safer and more enjoyable cat toys was born out of a shocking experience with my beloved cat, Chandler. He was always fond of toys, so I presented him with a charming mouse toy.

However, not long after, I returned home to find the once adorable mouse toy torn to shreds. As I began to clean up the remnants, I made a horrifying discovery - the toy was filled with rocks! The thought of what could have happened had Chandler swallowed them still sends chills down my spine. Today, I keep the remnants of that toy as a stark reminder of our commitment to creating safe play for all pets.

This incident ignited a passion within me, transforming me from just a pet owner into a crusader for pet safety. Since then, we've crafted thousands of rock-free, safe, and delightful toys that have found their way into homes across Ohio and even around the globe. Our Crochet Kitty cat toys have brought joy to cats in France, Finland, Iceland, Germany, China, Japan, Australia, and beyond!

Every customer story we hear about our toys adds fuel to our passion and drives us to continue creating.