About Us!

Rocks should not be in any pet toy!

What fuels our passion to make cat toys started one day when I purchased a toy for my cat, Chandler. It was a cute mouse with a rattle, because Chandler liked toys that make
noise. I gave it to him and we played fetch with it for a few days. One day soon after, I came home to a beat-up version of this mouse. I started to pick up the "guts" of the mouse and found to my shock and horror, ROCKS!

I still keep this “guts” to remind me of how crazy that made me feel and it motivates me to make quality products that would be safer for all pets. We have made thousands of toys and have traveled to different parts of Ohio to sell our amazing products. Crochet Kitty cat toys have even made it across the big blue...to France, Finland, Iceland, Germany, China, Japan,
Australia, and many more countries!

We love doing this and we love hearing our customers’ stories about our toys!

"I’m Abbie Swisher-Elardo, a
graduate of Virginia Marti College of Art and Design in Fashion Design. I started this business with my first devon rex named Chandler. Even though he has passed he lives on in all the wonderful toys I design.

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