• Brooke | Catnip French Baguette

    My cat Lucy LOVES this so much she sleeps with it! Quality cat toys with great cat nip! Super fast shipping.

  • Tara | Phat Cat's Kickin' Shark

    My Milo LOVES his sharky buddy! He is a big cat and he can be rough on toys. This one holds up very well to his rough-housing and wrestling.
    Not only that but its also nice and soft and he actually really loves cuddling with it whenever he sleeps. So sweet! This shark is so great and I plan to buy more in the future for my other kitties too!

  • Angela | Burlap Crinkle & Catnip Kickin' Stick

    I think my cat may be stealing my credit card. He has over 10 toys from this company and loves each one the same! He won’t touch any other catnip toys I get him. He’s obsessed!

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Our journey at Crochet Kitty began with a deeply personal incident. Our beloved cat, Chandler, had a store-bought toy that he liked. But the joy turned into shock when the toy broke open to reveal ROCKS inside! As a pet parent, this was a frightening discovery. It was at this moment that I realized the need for safer, more conscious toys for our precious feline companions. Drawing upon my love for crocheting and my degree in fashion design, I created a crocheted catnip mouse for Chandler. This was not merely a toy; it was a pledge of safety and quality. In the warmth of a loving home, Crochet Kitty was conceived. While Chandler may no longer frolic among us, his spirit endures, infusing every playful, quirky, and secure toy we meticulously create.

Our passion for this work is fueled by the joy it brings, and nothing warms our hearts more than hearing the delightful stories our customers share about their experiences with our toys.