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Crochet Kitty

Crinkle Sticks Cat Toys 3-Pack

Crinkle Sticks Cat Toys 3-Pack

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Does your cat love the sound of a plastic bag? Well, they will get a kick out of these crinkle sticks! Inside is filled with crinkle material that will perk up their ears and set them off running! They come with two ribbon streamers to tease them while you play with them too!

One of our best sellers at shows and purrrfect for kittens!

This listing is for a pack of three sticks.

Size: 1 x 5, fabric style will vary

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  • Stress Reliever

    Help relieve stress and anxiety with our expertly crafted toys – fostering joy, releasing endorphins, and burning off excess energy in a single play session.

  • Mental Stimulation

    Stimulates your cat's natural curiosity and keeps destructive boredom at bay with our engaging toys.

  • Joyful Purr-fection

    Delight in our premium catnip-stuffed toys from Crochet Kitty—naturally grown to alleviate stress, boost playfulness, enhance mood and foster bonding, for an enriched and joyous feline experience.

  • Feline Play, Made Safe

    Experience peace of mind with our handcrafted, USA-made cat toys—double-stitched and crafted from durable, tooth-friendly fabrics, boasting embroidered faces for an extra touch of safety and longevity.

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