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Crochet Kitty

Catnip CAT DAD or CAT MOM Tattoo Heart

Catnip CAT DAD or CAT MOM Tattoo Heart

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Catnip CAT DAD and CAT MOM Tattoo Hearts are purr-fect for those cat daddies and mommies out there! Your cat will look super cute holding this close to their heart!

Handmade with a lot of love and of course potent catnip too! Embroidered CAT DAD or CAT MOM onto fleece fabric which is a sturdier fabric compared to felt cat toys.

Set included one each of CAT DAD and CAT MOM toy.

Size: 3.25 x 3.5 inches

We were on New Day Cleveland on Fox 8

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  • Stress Reliever

    Help relieve stress and anxiety with our expertly crafted toys – fostering joy, releasing endorphins, and burning off excess energy in a single play session.

  • Mental Stimulation

    Stimulates your cat's natural curiosity and keeps destructive boredom at bay with our engaging toys.

  • Joyful Purr-fection

    Delight in our premium catnip-stuffed toys from Crochet Kitty—naturally grown to alleviate stress, boost playfulness, enhance mood and foster bonding, for an enriched and joyous feline experience.

  • Feline Play, Made Safe

    Experience peace of mind with our handcrafted, USA-made cat toys—double-stitched and crafted from durable, tooth-friendly fabrics, boasting embroidered faces for an extra touch of safety and longevity.

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